The “Material” Difference

Hi-Tech Swiss Machining manufactures precision parts from alloys, steel, specialty metals and biocompatible materials.

Materials Used :

Brass – All Types
Copper Alloys
Titanium – Commercially Pure & Alloys
Plastics – All Types
Aluminum – All Types
Carbon Steel & Aircraft Alloys
Stainless Steel – Most Types

Production Capabilities :

Diameters: 0.010″ to 1.0625:
Lengths: up to 10″
Tolerances: Up to +/- 0.0001″

Outside Processing

All types of outside processing are available. Anodizing, passivation, plating, EDM, heat treating, and laser etch are examples of the many procedures we will control for you. Everything is inspected before and after processing to ensure product quality.

Machining Processes Performed on Our Swiss Screw Machines :

Drilling (deep hole)

Experience Makes the Difference

We take pride in our ability to assist customers with their precision manufacturing needs. We can help you to develop new products that are less expensive to manufacture and more effective for your application; products that streamline your own internal processes.

Learn how we can help you profit in a precision market. Contact Us today.